Reenie Beanie

Who's Your Typeface?

Reenie Beanie is the font being displayed. It was designed by James Grieshaber.

This font, Reenie Beanie, is a playful, loose look created by the talented James Grieshaber. It is based on handwriting, more particularly a ball-point pen look. It is a font that can be used for more casual messages. One piece of information that I enjoyed is that with a little imagination, this font can be interpreted in different ways. For example, it can “represent the scribbling of a mad scientist.” James Grieshaber has achieved many things in his typography journey. Since graduating Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Graphic Design, he has aided in the establishment of the International House of Fonts. He has even been awarded for his Gothic Gothic design. Now he owns his own company called TypeCo. He created Reenie Beanie to be a fun, light-hearted design.

I chose this font because it reminded me of everyone’s own unique handwriting. Reenie Beanie looks so natural and normal in a sense. I personally love to journal and this font reminded me of that. I love to journal about my memories, experiences, and even my prayers. So overall, this font just felt like home, or in other words, my safe place. Journaling allows me to release my thoughts and at times stress. This font just reminds me of freedom and the ability to say what you are feeling! I absolutely enjoyed this project and finding a font I connected to!