The font that I chose is “Metalista”, designed by Tomáš Brousil in 2008. Tomáš Brousil founded Suitcase Type Foundry in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic, the independent type foundry creates retail and custom fonts. The font is part of the blackletter typeface which was used in Gutenburg’s bible, one of the first mass printed books in Europe, and was based on manuscript lettering. The reason I chose this font is because the blackletter typeface is commonly used through-out the rock and metal music scene, which has been something I have been highly involved in throughout my life as both parents are lovers of these genres. The typeface is something I have always been familiar with from Metallica to AC/DC to Iron Maiden. The highly stylized dense black lettering also reminds me of myself in the way that I appear with dark brown hair, piercings, and a lot of traditional-style tattoos.