Baker Signet

Baker Signet was designed in 1965 by a calligrapher, Arthur Baker (Paratype).

I looked through these fonts for a while before I found the one for me, but when I saw it, I knew it immediately. ” Characterised by classical lines with subtle but impressive calligraphic touches and flare stroke terminals,” (Paratype). This font seems simple at first glance, but if you really take time and analyze it, you’ll see it has really unique characteristics. For example, the lowercase “l” and “d” are taller than the uppercase “A”, which I think is an odd and bold trait, much like some of my own. My favorite feature, however, is how the “x” looks. First of all, it has serifs on each arm, like all of its other letters, except one. On the top right-hand arm, you can see that there is no serif, and the arm extends past the x-line. This is such a unique feature that I haven’t seen in any other fonts. Like this font, so I have been told, upon first glance, I look like I have a “simple” look, but when someone gets to know me, they find all these characteristics and quirks that make me unique. I also have this own outlook on other people and life; I really take time to analyze those I meet to see if their uniqueness is compatible with mine. Looking for those small things in everyday, simple life is what makes the world so beautiful.

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