All Men Beware

This particular design is one that I found on a hoodie I just bought. I happen to love this design for many reasons. The typography used in this design was especially alluring. The use of only majuscule letters connects with the actual message, “All Men Beware”, and image by making the entire design bolder. I especially like the use of serifs across the x-line; it makes the typography particularly unique to other designs. 

Outside of the typography, the actual design is beautiful. The contrast of the white ink on top of the black fabric is what makes the design pop. They also include a seemingly innocent-looking mermaid, staking a knife through a skull. In my opinion, the entirety of this piece of design screams three words: audacious, compelling, and powerful.

Discussion — One Response

  • Maddy Kelly 02/06/2021 on 10:21 AM

    This is a very cool design, great choice. Definitely reminiscent of the tattoo-artist design style, and ‘majuscule’ is a great term (that I had to look up!) for this typographic style. I would agree this design is powerful & compelling– also reminds me of sailors’s tales of sirens!

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