Flood was created in 1997 by Joachim Müller-Lancé, a German font designer known for his Latin and Kanji designs, and his work designing typefaces for Wired, Samsung, Bank of America, and more through his studio Kame Design.

I chose Flood as a representation of myself for a few reasons, the first being the messy, rough nature of the brush strokes. I have always been an incredibly casual person, and so struggles to find an appropriate type face to represent myself because I found most fonts were too clean, smooth, or excessive in style. I’m pretty laid back, and simple, and a typeface like Flood with a certain messiness about it suits my personality.

The second reason is the desire of this font to be slightly rougher, and more edgy, yet in the context of my name, comes off as more fun and goofy. I think with the right words, Flood could become a heavy, dark, and gritty typeface, but the visual composition of the letters in my name lend an air of humor or simply non-partiality. I don’t attempt to be edgy, gritty, or dark, but when it comes to my interests you could say that is the case. I prefer heavy metal music, black nail polish, half-circle earrings, and a mostly dark color palette wardrobe. However, I also like bright Hawaiian shirts, fluffy sweaters, dumb socks, and dad jokes. Just like the font, I present a potential vs reality dichotomy of gritty vs goofy.