Forma DJR Deck

The predecessor of Forma DJR, Forma, was designed in 1968 by an Italian team of eight led by Aldo Novarese. Novarese was an Italian typeface designer best known for the typefaces Microgramma and Eurostile, both in 1952 and 1962 respectively. The original Forma did not gain much popularity and practically disappeared alongside the foundry, Nebiolo, in 1978. In 2013, David Jonathan Ross revived the typeface when asked to do so by publications designer Roger Black for this redesign of Hong Kong Tatler magazine. For me, san serif typefaces have always been my favorite because they have such a modern feel to them. They’re clean, easy to read and get the job done; these are characteristics that exist within my own personality. Forma DJR also embodies these characteristics, but in addition, it also represents revival. Taking an old, forgotten typeface and bringing it back to life once more.