“Memoriam”- “Memoriam Pro Headline Regular”

I gravitated to the typeface “Memoriam”, specifically “Memoriam Pro Headline Regular” when looking for a typeface that defined me. The typeface was designed by Patrick Griffin who is an art director and co-founder of Canada Type, the studio where this font was made. According to Adobe Fonts, New York Times commissioned the font to use in their 2008 “Lives They Lived”. The font has received many awards and circulates often in the commercial display and packaging industry.

I was immediately attracted to the font due to the variation in its line weight. The long elegant strokes that are thin in some areas and incredibly thick in others reminded me of a paintbrush stroke. A core part of my identity is being an artist. I love the way the type has a graceful flow to it similar to the hand motions in creating a painting. I feel as though the variation also mirrors my personality. The thin lines are wispy and quiet, similar to how I feel in certain situations. When it comes to my art, I like to be carefree and ride on the wave that creativity takes me. I do not like bringing attention to myself, and instead, like to reside out of the spotlight, a trait I can relate to the thin, quiet lines that are present, but soft-spoken. On the other hand, there is another part of me that shows more in situations where I am comfortable. I find this in the bold and thicker areas of the font that pop out at you. They grab your attention and make a statement, a goal I have for my art and my animations. They bring action to the typeface and I tend to sport that louder, more explosive part of my personality when I’m in my comfort zone. Lastly, Memoriam has a movement to it. My reasoning for being an animator is because I want to bring motion and life to my art, as opposed to static figures. I feel as though the flowing lines in this script cause it to have that movement, and its bold ascenders and descenders are reaching out to invite you on an adventure!

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  • Eric Pryor 02/10/2021 on 9:50 PM

    You’re right that this typeface has a lot of movement! I find that it’s sometimes really hard to find good script fonts, and this is definitely a nice example. Great analysis.

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