Indie Flower

The Indie Flower Typeface was designed by Kimberly Geswein in collaboration with Google Fonts. I could not find the exact date the font was created, but multiple sources pointed to its origin being around 2016. It is free to use via open source license. Geswein describes her font as carefree and open with rounded edges. She also describes Indie Flower as more legible than many of the other script-inspired fonts she has designed. This description reminded me of myself, as I am very cheerful and well-rounded, with a stable temperament. I am also introverted, which fits with the typeface’s small size. My organization fits the typeface‚Äôs legibility and closely resembles my own handwriting. I also remember using this font often in middle school when completing online journal entries because it just felt like me.

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  • Victoria McCroary 01/30/2021 on 8:56 AM

    This simple yet charming font seems to suit you! I can see how the curves can give off a cheerful vibe.

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