Fertigo Pro Regular

This tradition yet modern font was created by Jos Buivenga. He started designing type in 1994 and is working for Font Foundry 10 years after beginning to design type. Buivenga lives in Arnhem and is most know for his Museo font family. He describes his font Fertigo Pro like Laphroaig by saying the more time you spend working with it, the more you will like and appreciate it. I believe I’m similar to this font in the aspect of the more time spent with me, the more you get to know and like me. I’ve never really been much of an outgoing person as I tend to keep to myself, so I believe as I get closer to friends and family they realize how much more there is to me than they think. I also believe the fluid aspect of this font represents me well because I tend to follow the flow of many things and can generally adapt well to a change in plans.

Discussion — One Response

  • Maddy Kelly 01/27/2021 on 10:17 AM

    Your analysis of this typeface as “traditional yet modern” seems spot on. I’m noticing the almost calligraphic strokes and serifs, definitely more fluid than Buivenga’s slab serif Museo! Great analysis.

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