The Atocha typeface was created by Alejandro Paul and Joluvian. Atocha’s unique name was inspired by a street name in Spain, which is the home of the two designers. Sudtipos, a group made up of graphic designers that have a passion for type, produced this font. Well known brands such as Coca-Cola have used Sudtipos faces. You may have also seen faces from Sudtipos on The History Channel!

I believe this font mirrors my personality because of its whimsical style. The curves and twists in the cursive font reflect my fun and spontaneous personality. The boldness of the weight of the typeface is appealing to me because it represents my outgoing nature. Atocha is a beautiful font that I truly enjoyed learning about!

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Victoria McCroary 01/25/2021 on 6:25 PM

    I can definitely see the whimsy present in this font. The curves and twists help give off a natural fun feel to it. It’s also quite pretty.

  • Arianna Chappell 01/27/2021 on 8:50 PM

    The word “Atocha” sounds like a word in a Spanish song. I like how the creators of the typeface gave it a name that reminded them of the place they called home. Even the producers of the typeface had a passion for creating a typeface. The typeface was created and produced by truly inspiring creative people. I can see how the well-known brand Coca-Cola was inspired by the same producers who produced the Atocha typeface. The way the letters “ a” and “o” curve very loose-handed I can totally see the similarities with the Coca-Cola brand. Mallory, you choose a good typeface. I like how the weight of the typeface is bold enough to where you can still understand what is being written.

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