Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor

I chose this design because of an upcoming album release by one of my favorite musicians, Hayley Williams. Some of you might recognize her from the band Paramore. She is releasing her first solo project called Petals for Armor in early May of this year. I think she took a very unique aesthetic approach to what would be the cover of this record. You would think that flowers or petals would be a must have for the cover, but they actually abstained from using them. Instead, it shows Hayley with a stern expression and ruffled hair. You can also see her finger tattoos, that were previously the initials of her ex-spouse, but she has since had them covered up with those dark squares. They ended up taking the square pattern and making it into art with the continued design on her face. This is a very powerful use of imagery because of what the album stands for in itself. This album is about Hayley overcoming her personal demons, both in her mental state and within her relationships. The reconfiguration of what would seemingly be seen as a mistake (the tattoos) into this redemption album is quite beautiful in itself. I think the ruffled hair signifies that it was still a rough road to get to where she is today. She did not need to look extravagant or overly edited to make a statement with this cover and it still gave the perfect representation of her using her shortcomings to her advantage.