Wild Design: The North Face

Another website that I visit often is The North Face. One of the reasons I am a frequent shopper is because of their website and how it is operating their website as well. When you go to their website, they continuously will have a special or story headlining their page with nice visual elements that stay true to their mission and atmosphere that The North Face looks to shape themselves with, and that is an adventurous and giving back company that provides the gear for their consumers to go out and do the same. Another element I enjoy about this website versus other clothing websites is that The North Face treats their homepage almost like a blog and as new arrivals and other stories for all to see while keeping the top portion of the website easy and clear for those who just want to get to shopping. The North Face is able to do this because they understand their audience and know what types of stories those specific members would like to hear. This is an element that is important in design, not just online design, that it is important for the creator to know who will be viewing their content the most and what types of themes and elements would be best tailored to those people to get them to like your content and to come back. I can not really think of many things I do not like about the design of the website itself but if I had to make suggestions, maybe there could be different back ground colors or images for this website besides a plain white. Maybe there could be landscape pictures changing every so often to give the website more life.

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  • Morgan Peele 04/22/2020 on 5:37 PM

    Nick, you mention some great points about the concept behind the North Face website and its layout. Something I notice about the website is how prevalent the actual logo is. You can find it at least once on every page of the website and I like this because of no matter what size the logo is it is still identifiable. The classic North Face logo has a perfect mix between letters and images. This logo works so well because of the simplicity of it and how universal it is, it can be any size or color and still work. However, when it comes to the actual website my question would be, why did they decide to make the first image you see be nature and not a photo of the product they are trying to sell. I do not think this is a bad thing for their company though, I think it shows what the products can do and all the extreme places they can be worn. I think it shows that their products are durable and ready for adventure.

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