Wild Design: The Weather Channel

In the past I have chosen places where I like to eat because I believe the atmosphere is a key element for restaurants but now that we are held in a lock down and most places are closed I decided I would pick websites that I visit a lot. This one I chose The Weather Channel. I am indifferent about this website design because of many things and my feelings toward the difficulty of predicting weather and the inaccuracies that come with it, but from a design point of view there are positives and negatives from my point of view. When you appear at the home page, you notice the blue bar across the top and that they advertise they are an IBM company. I like the design of the page layout as it is relatively easy to find what you are looking for with options across the top and a large search bar at the top as well to find exactly where you want to check. I also like that they are up to date with on going disasters and such and will have tabs available up at the top such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and even this pandemic, and will display ongoing events right in the middle of the page as if they were a news site. However, I do not like the color of the web page. Besides the blue topper, the rest of the page is white and dominated by ads all the time which right now, are bright green and look terrible on the web page itself.

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