For my wild design post, I chose to do the Fedex logo that I have recently seen on a box inside my storage room. For the first 20 years of the history of FedEx, from 1973-1994, the company had two designs for their logo. both of these designs weren’t exactly what the company was looking for. In fact, CEO Fred Smith also decided by 1991, that the household name of Federal Express should be shortened to Fedex. The new and more balanced Fedex logo was designed by┬áLinden Leader & Landor Associates in 1994. The logo took an initial 400 tries before Linden and his team accidentally discovered something different about one of the designs they were creating. They noticed that when using closely strung letters, along with a capital E and lower case x, they were able to create the impression of an arrow. The arrow now existent within the design, was meant to show speed in relation to their speedy delivery service. The colors used for the design are orange, and purple, with it being Univers 67 type. This design was also in Bold Condensed and Bold Future font. The colors were meant to hint towards speed, and the color combination is also a combination of the past designs.

As the logo stands now, I find it to be very bright, vibrant, and instantly recognizable from any other delivery service. The arrow was a very clever way at hinting towards what the business stands for, and it it well hidden while also being very obvious to some. The arrow is more like an added bonus in the design. This brand logo would go on to be one of the most subliminal and successful ever created.