Fujifilm Instax Instant Film

The Fujifilm Instax Instant Film packaging is very inviting and fun. The color palette consists of white, red, green, black and yellow. Together, they make the design look lively and bright, which catches consumers’ eyes. At the top of the box, “Fujifilm” is written in its classic typeface in small, black text. Underneath the brand-name, there are many large elements that are used to point out which kind of film is contained in the box. For instance, “Instax” is written in the same typeface as “Fujifilm,” but is red and much larger. It is the largest text written on the box in order to easily communicate to consumers which camera correlates to the film. This way audiences feel confident knowing that they are buying the correct product. In order to further point out what kind of film is within the box, the word “mini” is written out in large text. This explains to consumers what size of film is being advertised. Finally, the last larger piece of text written on the box is “10 x 2.” The text is written in black and red ink and engulfed in a yellow ellipse. The ellipse catches consumer’s attention and the two text colors differentiates the number of sheets and the number of packs. Another aspect of the design that I think is successful is the use of different sample photos on the front of the box. The largest image shows a polaroid photo of two friends. It shows the results of using the film in a fun and inviting way.

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