Anniversary Card Envelope

For the wild design, I picked an envelope that is related to anniversaries. I really like this envelope and how the design is very creative, including the background and also the writings. The envelope is a pop-up card that is turned into a 3-D box which has the portrayed images inside. It is really appealing as it gives a surprise to many people when they open it during a special event. Moreover, this card is mostly appealing due to its design of the various colors and its way of adding flowers around to make it more mesmerizing. Moreover, at the bottom, the phrase “Love where we’ve been…love where we’re going” is also a great depiction of how the sea and the boat shows how the relationship will keep on going and that it will be colorful just like the card. Also, the background is not just a plain paper, rather, designs of stars scattered all around which also adds to the overall design and advertising of the card. This also includes the design of ‘Paper Wonder” design and the ‘Hallmark’ logo making it more elegant. Out of all this, there is also a Spanish translation in the card which makes it the card applicable to more people which is another great way of advertising. Overall, this envelope is a great design and I like everything that it has included within it which is the reason I bought it. It has a really great colorful essence that makes the card seem really heart-warming and comforting when given to a significant other.

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  • Savannah Ward 04/22/2020 on 4:38 PM

    I saw this and thought of how cool of an idea this is for a card! It reminds me of hand carved light boxes that my friend makes. I adore the layers of these 3-D boxes because there is so much detail. From the drinks to the waves to the boat in the background, the depth gives it so much life. I think the water color style that it has also fits the easy-going beach theme that it has created. I wish I could see how it looks from all angles to see the other intricacies that it has. Either way, I think this is a super cute design and would look great on display to remind you of your love.

  • Gloria Jing 05/03/2020 on 9:13 PM

    Great observations and beautiful design! Thanks for sharing, Sudhish.

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