The Great Depression

I found this joke while scrolling through social media meme pages

I chose this image as an example of wild design because of the humor it brings me. I found this image while scrolling through one of my many meme pages that I follow on social media. This specific design in particular is notable to me because of its sarcastic tone it represents. 

This design is based around a Triple Venn diagram, with the punchline of the joke “The Great Depression” in the center of the diagram. There are three groups the author uses that represent “The Great Depression,” each with their own reference to the number 20. First, we have “my 20s.” I find this funny because a common trend for young adults in their 20’s is a feeling of being overwhelmed due to your new responsibilities while still feeling like a child. The second group is “1920s,” which keeps the theme of 20 constant while referencing a major historical event in the United States and the world as a time of economic disasters was occuring called “The Great Depression.” Lastly, the group “2020s” represents the author’s distrust towards the future. The author projects a distrust towards the future, as he believes the current decade will likely repeat what we saw in the 1920s. This also is supported by the recent extreme downfall of the US and Global stock markets due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Although this design seems very dark, my sense of humor (and many others) often make more morbid jokes about the future than how we really feel. This form of self-deprecation for me often allows me to make jokes about how I feel lost, which can allow me to begin a dialogue with myself or others about how I feel about the future.