Whitney Concert Poster

This poster is from an Indie Rock band called Whitney. It really called my attention because of the choice of design used in the poster. A design that comes into mind is that of the Henry Van de Velde. Although in this case a greater variety of colors are used. The design for Tropon definitely transmits a more psychedelic feeling to the image. While they do include curves, the concert poster almost carefully moves away from the overuse of curves. The music played by the band is very close to that of the 1980s which can explain the inclination to these techniques into the abstract floral design but restrains into a more controlled design. They combine this with San Serif letters which gives it a more geometric feeling to the poster. This is definitely calling back to posters made for Rock bands in the past and uses the different colors to aid in this idea. I do really like the controlled aspect of the curves in the poster. I also find it interesting that it gave me a vague connection to that of Van De Velde. It plays with the lines to give a sense of depth to the design rather than keeping the geometric design of the font. I do think that the music does transmit the same controlled sense that the poster gives. Although it is Rock it does not go into the heavy Rock at all and restrains itself just as the poster does. I can completely see this as a matching graphic for the band.

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  • Olivia Parton 04/21/2020 on 8:57 PM

    I am writing for the colleague comments assignment. I really like this poster! I love how it’s symmetric, kind of geometric, but free flowing at the same time. The curves of the lines in the main design match the curves in the lettering, which really brings the whole piece together. I think it’s cool how I could guess around what kind of music the band plays just by looking at this abstract design and the colors used. It’s also a smart way to attract a target audience. I thought this was a vintage poster from the 70s or 80s, so I was really impressed with how authentic it looks when I saw the date was 2020!

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