Under the Banner of Lenin for Socialist Construction

This image is a great example of the genius mind of Klutsis. He would use the ideas of constructivism in order to transmit the message. In this case he would be sharing to the public the idea of the five-year plan. The success that this plan was taking under the image of Lenin himself. By using his techniques of photomontages, he would be able to show power figures such as Lenin and Stalin. Something that does catch the attention is the implementation of Lenin into this piece of propaganda. The fact that Lenin was not fully accepted under the Stalin regime makes it confusing why he would even be used. Reasons may be due to the cause that he was still regarded as the face of the socialist movement. Stalin overlapping with Lenin would show the public how both of the leaders had overlapping ideas. Lenin supporters would be able to begin to accept the plans of Stalin if the saw them sharing the minds. There is also relevance in the color used which is representing the communist movement and references the “Red Army”. This transmits to the viewer the connection of the Five-Year Plan with the revolutionary cause that this all had begun with. Like mentioned the factories and machinery would also be needed to transmit how this plan would work. This was how the Soviet Union would become prominent in the world and prepare for any other conflict that may occur. Modernization would become a common theme in his work and the towers and machinery transmitted this perfectly in the background of the leaders. Stalin would later go on to reject this posters because of the constructivist techniques used by Klutsis.



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