Anatomy Textbook

My last wild design post is going to be on my Anatomy and Physiology For Speech, Language, and Hearing textbook. This class is an anatomy class but instead of learning about how the whole body is set up and how it functions, we only learn about how speech is produced and how people are able to hear. Rarely do people take this specific anatomy course so it is important that the textbook advertises itself strictly as a specialized anatomy and physiology textbook. The creator does this by printing the words “Anatomy & Physiology” in blue but follows this with the words “For Speech, Language, and Hearing” in red. The sleek design contrast between the blue cover and and white pages differentiate between the content of the product and the eye catching cover. The cover features a two tone design of a blue background with a darker blue model outline of all of the anatomical parts that are involved in speaking, hearing, and listening. The ploy of using two different versions of blue for the background and the detailed modal is to make it difficult to see unless the customer move closer to see. Therefore the illustration covering the product draws customers to pick up the textbook out of curiosity to see all of the fine details of the illustration. This is smart advertising because the purpose of owning and eventually using this textbook is to learn each and every function of all of the parts illustrated on the cover of the textbook.