Adidas Phone? Calculator?

Is it a flip phone? Is it a calculator? Is that the Adidas logo? When I first saw this on the sidewalk, I didn’t really know what to make of it. Sometimes, with street art, it almost seems as if certain aspects were added later, but I am not sure with this one. Maybe the adidas logo was meant to be on it by the original artist, or maybe someone else wanted to superimpose it later. I think that this piece could be interpreted a few ways. First, it could be a calculator, with the artist wanting to calculate how much to spend on adidas, or how much it costs to get the adidas they want. It also could be a flip phone, and the phone has content about adidas on it. Or, it could be a book or phone and someone decided to add the adidas logo after just for fun. That what’s fun about street art. You get to try to figure out the meaning. It definitely was done slightly rushed- the artist took their time a little bit in including details (buttons or keys possibly) as well as outlining the screen, but since the lines are imperfect it definitely seems as if the artist didn’t stop to take a lot of time. It was quick art, maybe on the go. While this art seems a little sloppy, and the message isn’t 100% clear, overall it is pretty cool and makes you think for a second before going about your life.