Dad Jeans ❤️

Dad Jeans- who even knows what Dad Jeans actually are? Are they jeans 80’s style? Do you think of Danny Tanner immediately like I did? I saw this art on a sidewalk lamp post in my neighborhood in New York City. Like the other art that I saw around the city and in my neighborhood, this seems to be a very impromptu piece of art. I think it has a certain vibe to it that is very interesting- it looks like one of the lipstick mirror writing, but after further investigation, it seems like someone did this with a paint pen. I don’t know what the phrase “Dad Jeans heart” truly means, but I can only imagine what the artist was thinking when they did write this on the lamp post. The letters are all caps, which is interesting and they are all uneven- no repeat letters look the same. It reminds me of child art as well. I think that this street art is interesting and eye catching as well because it cannot be replicated, and the design was definitely impulsive. I like how the heart is uneven, and doesn’t look like a true heart and the letters look wobbly. It shows that there was emotion behind the creation of this art, which I find fascinating. I also like how rushed it looks- the artist was wanting to write that, but didn’t sit down and perfect each stroke. All in all, this is one of the more intriguing pieces of street art but definitely memorable.