Wild Glass Work

I chose this wild design because I loved the way this glass was designed. I have never seen any kind of glass that you drink out of with this intricate of a design. I am honestly extremely curious how this is even achieved.

From the top and the bottom of the glass, the design is fairly small, about one inch by one inch. You can’t really tell much detail from either of these angles. All you can really see is a circle encompassed by a square, which is from the outline of the decorative pillow. This design was obviously made to be most impactful from the sides.

From any angle on the sides of the glass, you see a Kings crown resting on a decorative pillow. This is a beautiful design and very intricate even though it’s quite small. You can see all the detail within the crown and the design is even shaded around the pillow with tassels hanging down.

I had to Google this type of glass work because I was so impressed by this amazing design and was incredibly curious how a designer can accomplish something like this. Unfortunately, I could not find anything about how it is made. I was only successful in finding out that is a signature glass from Crown Royal. The technical term for this design is a 3D etched crown and pillow. I also found out that you can buy a special coaster with any color led light in it that will change the color of the crown based on the color of the light. This glass is awesome.

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  • Gloria Jing 05/02/2020 on 11:27 PM

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Devin! The glass is quite beautiful, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

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