“The Religions Book”

This semester, I am taking a class called Religious Traditions of the World, and this is the cover of my textbook. The class covers a number of distinct religious traditions, and the book goes into depth about each of them. The design of the cover gives the reader a clear idea of what is inside. You are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but if one were to make a judgement based off of this book cover, their conclusions would likely be correct. The cover bears icons representing the different religions covered in the book. There are many images: a person kneeling in a church, the earth being held by a giant hand, men sitting cross-legged in meditation, and several more. These icons are black with with orange cutouts and line contour drawings. In addition to the images, there is text describing the relevance of the icons to certain religions. There are short phrases listing key ideas belonging to the religions discussed inside the book. The font of these phrases is artistic and interesting instead of boring and mainstream.  The color choices for the cover are bold and attention-grabbing. The orange would make the book stand out on a bookshelf, begging potential readers to pick it up. The title of the book is emphasized with thick purple lines, clearly separating it from the other images and text. I just think the designers did a fantastic job creating a cover that draws the reader in and lets them know what they can expect when they open up the book and begin reading.