“Ordinary” Wild Design

This design “in the wild” focuses on a Hyaluronic Acid topical formula that can be applied to the face. I chose this design because of how strikingly simple it is – the entirety of the product’s packaging follows a black and white color scheme, and the chosen fonts couple with that simplicity nicely. I find it odd that the label includes absolutely no color, and with the formula, itself, being completely transparent, the product is considerably basic. That being said, The Ordinary is widely praised online, which is why I decided to try it out in the first place.

Initially, this label bothered me because of just how plain it is. In a world where color and patterns seem to saturate both digital and printed media, my initial reaction was that the design came across as boring, and it isn’t something that would have caught my eye at a beauty store. That said, after I got over my initial irritation, I began to appreciate the design because it seems to support and embody the brand’s purposes effectively.

I did some brief research to learn a little bit about The Ordinary’s background, and I discovered that the brand was created in order to “celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form.” The Ordinary’s website claims that they do not test on animals, and the brand exists to ” bring to the market more familiar technologies at honourable prices.” After I learned a little more about the brand, I began appreciating its design because it harmonizes well with the goal of the company to make beauty products simple, accessible, and honestly marketed.