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This past year I have been taking Foreign Language Japanese here at NCSU. We use these textbooks to learn and practice Japanese. The workbook is used for homework and practice, while the other book is the main book and is used for learning new grammar, new words and all other learning happening during the class period. I do not like the color of these books. I have never been a fan of the color orange on anything, and these books go overboard with it. These books are used for the entirety of the first year of studying Japanese, the second year we move on to Genki II, the continuation of the material. I hate how they look, but the information in them is nicely organized and somewhat easy to understand, as easy as learning a full new language can be at least. I am planning to minor in Japanese so I will have to get used to these Genki books, since I will be using them for at least a few more years. Taking Japanese has been fun but difficult, the homework load is insane, with multiple homework due everyday. There is also a quiz per class day, which is 4 days of the week. This change to online classes has not helped either, since we still have a quiz every class day but now we have to take them online through zoom and write it down on a piece of paper to upload to moodle. Overall this book is not my style on design, but when it comes to Japanese, it is amazing.

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  • Haohao Yu 04/16/2020 on 11:19 PM

    When you take FLJ 201 and FLJ 202 the book design is the same and it will be green cover:) But I loved the orange cover book. 頑張ってね。

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