NC Skateboarding

I saw this sticker at the bus stop next to Bragaw hall while we were still on campus. I took a photo of it to send to a few of my friends because I knew they would appreciate it as much as I did. I think this is a very clever slogan and was skillfully executed. The creator managed to match to style of the official NC State stickers sold in the bookstore and at Wolfpack Outfitters. They blended the formatting of the plain “NC STATE” bumper stickers with the ones that reference a specific college. My photo is fairly low quality but if you see it in person, it is clear that the creator used the official NC State red for the negative space.

We have a large community of skateboarders at NCSU and everyone knows that Wolf Plaza is a popular spot for skaters to hang out and practice. Even those who aren’t skillful skaters that spend time in Wolf Plaza are part of the skating community, as it is also a very popular and convenient mode of transportation around campus. Many students have become part of this large community by using longboards and electric skateboards to cruise around campus. The creation of this clever sticker pays homage to the large unofficial community that has formed at our university. All of the individual colleges and sports teams have bumper stickers sold at Wolfpack Outfitters validating their existence and allowing people to show their support for the teams. I think it’s very cool that someone created a sticker that shows support for the well-known skateboarding community but, unfortunately, I haven’t found them for sale on the internet, meaning it must be a local student or community member that makes and sells them on campus.