Muir Woods

On my recent trip to California, I visited Muir woods and saw this poster and knew I had to have it. This poster immediately drew my attention because of it’s simplistic yet beautiful design. Using only three colors, orange, green and black. Using the negative space within the poster to create the image of the redwood trees really brings a great aesthetic look and draws the viewer in even with the simplistic design.

In my opinion the poster really gives a great representation of the park and the atmosphere that you feel while visiting. The scale of the drawing also gives the viewer a sense of wonder in regards to how big redwoods really are. With the tree only being drawn from the trunk and cut off, it adds to the scale of the trees within the park.

The type face on the poster also follows it’s simplistic design with all of the letters being capitalized in a contrasted white, to off set it from the back ground, as well as it’s sans-serif font. Looking at this poster just makes me want to go back and visit and walk around these massive trees that you are surrounded by in the park.

Although I have said how much I enjoy the simplistic design with no added frills, I do believe the design could use more. It feels as if it’s missing something or that my eyes wander to places where it’s expecting another thing incorporated into the design. Maybe a path, or more coloring on the trees that aren’t the subject, but I do believe that adding another element to the design would really make it perfect.