Cards Against Humanity: Absurd Box

The Absurd box is an extension to the original Cards Against Humanity Pack and it features a redesign of the original cards. The box itself is smaller and features a black line pattern on the lower half of the box that mirrors the embossed design on the cards, making it easier for users to tell the difference between these cards and ones from outside of this box.

I chose this because it offers a solid way to create a game that can be updated and continuously enjoyed over time. Since Cards Against Humanity has developed an expansion pack system, the game can constantly be added so users don’t feel bored or the game does not become repetitive. The design of these cards, in particular, is eye-catching yet subtle enough to not stand out when played with other cards.

The imprinted design on the cards makes organizing after a game easy if the user intends to keep the different packs separate and it still has the same layout as the other cards one can buy. The small changes made (like the symbol on the card icon at the bottom) are enough to tell different boxes apart. I also enjoy the simplicity of the cards overall! The lack of images increases the focus on just the text, the main body of the game itself. I think that the overall packaging of the cards is a bit annoying and it’s difficult to open the box at times, but the game itself is entertaining and simple so I enjoy it!