Coronavirus Poster

I saw this picture on social media and it caught my eye immediately. Everyone is fully aware of the COVID-19 virus and the precautions the world has been forced to take. I think this poster does a good job at promoting support and togetherness during this extremely scary and difficult time. I think it does a good job of this by expressing Earth as a whole as a hospital patient with the other planets visiting Earth and trying to make it (him) feel better. This shows that everyone on Earth is in this together. Everyone is experiencing the same scary time and dealing with the same dangers and restrictions. I think the purpose of the poster is to promote unity within planet Earth but to also metaphorically represent that we have hope. I think the poster is showing that, metaphorically, we have someone looking out for us and rooting for this time to end and for us to get better. The poster wants to express that we are not alone. Even if they’re aren’t actually planets looking down on us waiting for Earth to get better, there is hope for us and we have each other during this time. I think this poster is very well done because it is very cute and appeals to people’s emotions. It causes people to feel sorry for the planet and all of its inhabitants. This poster also shows similarities between the virus and patients to the earth being treated by a doctor. It shows that we heal and we will get better as a planet as a whole.

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  • Gloria Jing 05/03/2020 on 5:31 PM

    Super appealing poster and extremely fitting for the times. Thanks for sharing, Katelyn!

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