Dorothy Must Die

I do not purchase books often, but when I do, I chose which cover grabs my attention first. Walking through Barnes & Noble, this particular book caught my eye for its gory title and intriguing cover. I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz, so I was shocked to pick up this book titled Dorothy Must Die. The eye-catching layout is rather simple but effective in terms of attracting viewers. The red typeface resembles evil and corruption, which is an odd twist on the classic story. The red word “Die” is supposedly written in blood, which adds to the goriness of the cover. The cute, blue and white checkered bow and dress represents the innocence of the original Dorothy from Kansas. I’m curious as to why the shoes are white and not red when they are considered the most symbolic representation of The Wizard of Oz. Maybe its to balance out the red, daunting typeface? Or maybe her shoes were all a lie in the original story after all (lol). I also find it interesting that only Dorothy’s clothes are displayed and not herself, which adds to the eariness of the piece. Overall, the text dominates the cover, representing the story’s eagerness to kill Dorothy. The dark, grey background is also very different from the original, happy scenery of the yellow brick road. The cover is successful in persuading me to read this book, not only because it is The New York Times Bestseller, but because of its intriguing layout. I have always been a sucker for twisted endings, so hopefully, this will not disappoint!