ART AGAINST AIDS is one of Friedman’s later works, made in 1987. This work was made for a coalition of artists and galleries to have an exhibition to raids money to benefit the American Foundation for AIDS Research. From what I can gather about Friedman and his personality, he most likely did this poster for free to help the cause.[1]

There seems to be a certain brand that Friedman was trying to adhere to as well, as there are other posters and calendars using the same type and slash though the word “against”. Sadly, I can’t seem to find much information on this particular piece, despite – or maybe because of – it’s proximity to Keith Haring and his Silence is Death campaign.

This project would have been immensely important for Friedman; both he and his close friend and fellow activist Keith Haring had AIDS[2] and this project would have been in line with Friedman’s history of helping his friends and being an activist.[1]

Friedman seemed to care about or be particularly proud of this piece, as a copy of it stayed with him or his family till his death in 1995[2], after which it was donated to the Cooper Hewitt collection by his brother Ken Friedman in 1997.


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