Chan’s Solo Exhibition Piece

This is one of many that was shown in Shanghai at one of his solo exhibitions. This piece of art was displayed amongst other pieces Alan Chan created during the 10-month design course that eventually led him to pursue design and visual art as a career. These pieces are important because they embody the style of the time, pop art. Though they do not necessarily read as pop art, they share a lot of other same characteristics: high contrast between colors, bright and bold colors, a general reflection of pop culture at the time. This piece is important as it is one of the first stepping stones Chan took into the field of design, a field he would come to dominate later down the line as well.

It is important for a creative to be able to see the ways they traveled in order to get to where they are now and for Chan, it was this 10-month course that got him involved with design and the way it interacted with the metropolitan in which he grew up in, something that he would continue to embody in his work as he begins to explore the different ways he could present his ideas. This piece, though it is quite simple, is important in understanding the journey in which Chan took in order to develop the innovative mind he becomes recognized for. The use of color is also something captivating about the piece and it will later play into his work with type and overall graphic design.