“My Way To Typography” – Book By Wolfgang Weingart

This is Wolfgang Weingart’s retrospective book on typography, compiled by Lars Müller Publishers into a volume in ten sections in 2000. In over 500 pages with over 400 illustrations, Weingart recounts his early life as a designer, as well as the years of training and development that he went through to get to the point that he is today. He surveys and offers insights into his own work from the past forty years. Even more exciting about it is that much of the work featured in the book was unseen and unreleased, making it a must have for those studying the history of graphic design. There is also a portion dedicated to showcasing the work of students from the typography course at the Basel School of Design, which he taught lectures at. A few of the topics discussed in the book, broken up into sections, include Weingart’s round compositions, line pictures, film techniques and layering, and typography in a new context. The layout of this book is quite interesting, having much of Weingart’s personal touch imparted in the designs included in both illustration and typeface. Significant not just for being a compendium and collection of Weingart’s past work, it offers a valuable look into the techniques, processes, and mind of one of the pioneers of typography. As an experimenter and hands-on teacher at Basel, he is responsible for influencing a generation of graphic designers who moved away from the “Swiss style” and ushered in an era of New Wave, heading a different look and different practice than what was previously achieved.

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