Supernew Supergraphics (2014)

In a partnership between Toby Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy, a publishing company known as Unit Editions was created from their joint passion for writing and design. The book “Supernew Supergraphics” actually references a book written in the 1960’s simply known as “Supergraphics.” The original was written by a group of “radical architects” who broke the unspoken rule to never paint on the architecture. Because of the book’s original heritage, the architects presented in the book (Felice Varini, Sascha Lobe, Sara De Bondt and Boa Mistura) are all practitioners of this architectural heresy, and are presented alongside interviews with all 4.

The book was created in 2014 for the purpose of conserving important movements in graphic design history. It was written for graphic designers who are interested in unique design practices or for those who want learn more about the innovative field. According to Laura Snoad, the book is an “excellent jumping-off point for further research, exploration and inspiration.” The book also demonstrates how the avant garde becomes the norm as time progresses, featuring some of the best environmental design and space design of the contemporary era.

While this book doesn’t demonstrate many key components of design in the 2000’s, the book does feature ideas presented in the bauhaus movement and the international movement, featuring solid colors, photography, and sans serif fonts that provide a clean and modern aesthetic. It also inspired a small trend of supermannerism being brought back into the public eye as upholding of design history and as an avant garde architectural style. Adrian Shaughnessy says this piece “unites architecture, design and art in a fascinating way.”


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