CBS Eye Trademark – William Golden

CBS Trademark Logo.

William Golden’s design of the Columbia Broadcast Station “Eye” logo was created in 1951. Frank Stanton, President at the Columbia Broadcast Station at the time, asked William Golden and his team to create a new logo for CBS to differentiate themselves from other networks. He wanted the design to seem more modern and less bland. As William Golden began to think of possible new designs for the company, he was inspired by a hex symbol while traveling the countryside of Pennsylvania. These hex symbols were put on sides of barns to ward off evil spirits. The hex symbol that inspired Golden was the “all-seeing” Eye of Providence symbol.

Eye of Providence Symbol.

The CBS logo is a widely recognized symbol across all of North America. It is considered William Golden’s best work; as the main idea of the symbol is still in use today. This symbol also marked a turning point in the United States’ transition to a more modern theme on television. When the symbol was created, television as a medium was just beginning to overtake radios as the main source of information and entertainment for the American public. The design William Golden implemented coincided with the rise of television in the United States. 

When the logo was first introduced to the CBS committee, many of the members did not care for the new logo. Even Golden questioned if the design would be permanent. As the year continued, William Golden began to work on a new design until President Frank Stanton told him that the new “Eye” logo was here to stay. As the logo gained popularity, it began being printed on a wide variety of mediums used by CBS, such as studio marquis, documents, cameras, trucks, and many more. There was even a tie created with the logo as its design! This logo is now famous across the nation, and cemented William Golden as a key designer for corporate logos in the 20th century.


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