David Carson for Nike

This piece was designed by David Carson for Nike. This piece of work was created as an advertisement for Nike’s Air Challenge. This design piece was significant in David Carson’s career because, after years of only taking part in editorial work, Nike was one of the first companies to contact him and ask him to step out of his comfort zone. Nike contacted Carson with the request for him to design billboards and multiple ads to be shared worldwide and in multiple languages.

This served as a challenge for Carson, he claims Nike wanted him to focus mostly on the type design. From here, Carson had to find an interesting way to make the advertisements eye-catching to people all over the world. Carson stated he kept the portraits small and utilized the white space for a more unique approach. He claims that most of his designs rarely use an abundance of color or software, which subsequently made his work stand out among the rest. When Carson was asked about this piece he said, “it’s about font choice, cropping and basic, often intuitive design decisions, ones that are appropriate for the client, audience, and myself.” This piece perfectly encapsulates Carson’s very intuitive design approach and willingness to think outside the box. Carson’s work shows that sometimes more is less, and simplicity is often very effective. After this advertisement was presented to the world, Carson’s career skyrocketed and he was then contacted by multiple agencies around the world hoping for his design input.


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