Jules Chéret: Théâtre de l’opéra

Jules Chéret’s Théâtre de l’opéra was a poster ad created in 1896 for an opera house. The work is a lithograph poster that was originally printed on a canvas. This poster represents Chéret’s iconic design style. The image features a woman and man with opera masks on infant of dancing women. This poster also shows Chéret’s use of vibrant colors. The bright orange, vibrant red and sparkling green shades, seen in this image, were used in many of his works over his life. The poster is an advertisement for a show being preformed at the opera and gives information on date and time of the performance. This specific ad draws in both a male and female audience. The use of a man and a women in his poster is somewhat unique because many of his works only included a women. By using a man and women in the ad, he is appealing to single women and men as well as couples. The appeal comes from the colors, the free spiritedness as well as the esthetic of the environment. By including all these aspects in the ad poster, Chéret was intending Parisians to imagine themselves in the space and be urged to go to the event by his art. The image again represents the women’s liberation movement as it portrays a women in bright clothes with a giddy expression. The preciseness of his work as well as the depiction of the free spirited women, lead for many people, men included, to admire and enjoy his work. Works like this one lead to Chéret’s phenomenal career in graphic design and the continue  to be iconic for past and present generations.