Poster “Pontresina”– Herbert Matter

This vintage poster named “Pontresina” was created and designed by Herbert Matter in 1936. Pontresina is a municipality in the district of Maloja in the canton of Graub√ľnden in Switzerland and is a popular skiing destination. Herbert Matter knew how to design his creations in a way that spoke to his audiences and drew them in. This is why many popular attraction sites would hire Matter to create their advertising publications in order to draw in the audiences that they are intended to draw in. This poster in particular was known for enhancing any surrounding area that it is placed in. To make it more relatable, imagine walking into a popular ski resort, and you would see this type of poster around to promote the resort. His designs had a capturing effect of drawing in audiences that would admire his work and thus drawing in audiences to support the company that he was working for when designing his product. This was a vintage Swiss poster created by Herbert Matter, something that he has background in being born from there so he knew how to use his experiences to relate to the surrounding audiences. Pontresina was known for its mountainous beauties and culture. This design created by Herbert Matter uses his technique of extreme contrasting of scale and the integration of black and white photography. Matter’s way of using contrasting colors come into play with most of his artworks, which is evidently shown in this one as well. In this particular poster design, he makes sure not to overwhelm his audiences with crazy colors but rather using contrasting to insert the formal tone into the picture.