Lauren Hom: Flour Crowns

Back in March 2017, Lauren Hom started a project known as Flour Crowns. On her website, she says that this project stemmed from her love for food and puns. The project can be best described as photographs of women wearing flour crowns, and yes you read that correctly, flour not flower. Hom says that as spring and summer began to roll around she saw tons of pictures of people through social media at festivals with crazy fashion and, you guessed it, way too many flower crowns. She decided to turn this trend on its head and created Flour Crowns, a series of photographs of women wearing crowns made from baked goods. The images were mostly of Lauren herself, but some others are featured on her website, The material used for the crowns ranges all the way from cinnamon rolls, croissants, oreos to fortune cookies. She even had a couple of “Japanese edition” posts, which included foods like pocky, matcha cookies, sesame crackers, and sweet tamago boro cookies. 

This project was not commissioned, instead it was one of her many passion projects; however, this passion project was a very big moment for her career. This project was something that took off during the summer for 2017, and became one of Lauren’s most continuous projects with approximately 22 pieces. I believe that the project was so successful among her audience because it reflected Lauren’s personality, and very creatively pushed the boundaries of an already existing trend. Because of the project’s popularity and longevity, Lauren’s following across social media platforms grew greatly. 



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