New Haven Railroad Logo– Herbert Matter

This is the New Haven Railroad logo created by Herbert Matter. It was not an easy task for him because of his perfectionist personality. in fact, it took him over 100 tries to finally get to the design that he stuck with. This iconic “NH” logo was released by Matter in 1955. The railroad company hired Herbert to sketch the design after the company decided it was time to pick a new owner and designer to make a mark for the company. Herbert Matter did just that and the logo that he created has been finalized and soon transferred to merchandise items such as on new locomotives, lighters, playing cards and pocket watches. The “NH” logo still lives on as it is still featured at New Haven’s Union Station as well as on a locomotive of a Metro-North train. The company had been itching for the perfect logo to promote their train station. Herbert Matter’s design fit and went above and beyond the expectations that the train company had in mind. It was simple yet told a story, much like all of Matter’s designs. Herbert Matter’s design are appreciated by his way of employing his work through the addition of contrasting colors. In almost all of his most famous pieces of design, he adds zest by the addition of contrasting colors to make the artworks pop. The knowledge he had behind his photography and designing skills is what made his artwork stand out from the others. To have a logo made by Herbert Matter is almost a guaranteed success, that just goes to show how consistent he was in his designs.