Stanley Morison: A Tally of Types

            A Tally of Types was just another book of the many written by Stanley Morison. This book was published in 1953. It consists of the many typeface designs that Stanley Morison created during his time working with the Lanston Monotype Corporation. In 1923, he received the honor of being a typeface adviser for the corporation. It is said that when it first was published in 1953, it was issued as a Christmas keepsake for most of his friends in printing and publishing. He is said to be the “driving force behind Monotype’s dynamic typographic programme of research.” Not only does the book contain typeface designs that were created by him, it also contains typeface designs that he, along with the help of others, helped to revive. This book was such an important one, in that it has been republished a number of times. When it was republished in 1973, it included 3 new appendices that noted the new typeface designs that were created since the original publishing of the book. Many of us may know of him from being the designer of Times New Roman, however, his book talks about many other typeface designs he worked on including, Poliphilus Roman, Fournier Roman and Italic, Bell Roman and Italic, and Perpetua Roman. His major contributions to typography with the use of these typefaces are still valued since we still use a variety of them today. He may have never even imagined that his work would still be heavily used many years after it was created, but for us it still holds much value and will continue to hold its value for the many years to come.



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