Case Study House 9: Charles Eames

Another piece of work I am analyzing is the Case Study House 9: The Enteneza House designed by Charles and Ray Eames. This house was designed for Arts and Architecture publisher/editor, John Entenza as a part of his case study house program. The house is on a flat landscape on top of a bluff in the Pacific Palisades overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was designed and completed in 1949 by the Eames and it is modular while featuring steel frame construction. The Case Study House 9 is an example of 3D Space Design because it is an example of architecture work. It consists of mostly public and very few spaces for privacy. It includes two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a large open living/dining area, a utility room, as well as a garage in its room arrangement. The design of the house exemplified the concept of successfully incorporating interior and exterior spaces through glass.

The design and innovation of the Case Study House 9 made it an extremely populous stop for architects and designers. It is considered one of the most important post-war destinations/residences in the world and is very well known. The house has a huge impact on the design world, especially for architectural and industrial designers. In 2013, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This house was definitely an important project for both Charles and Ray Eames because it expanded their talent and showed other designers how versatile they were. The Case Study House is considered their next populous design after their “Eames chair.”



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