Takenobu Igarashi: From A to Z

In the 1700s, a publishing platform Volume published the first book on Igarashi’s work, which looks into the designer’s three-dimensional types in forensic detail. The book’s title is Takenobu Igarashi: A to Z. This picture is Igarashi’s design from A to Z. Igarashi’s specialty is three-dimensional typography. He once said: ” I’ve been greatly influenced by Swiss artists who explored grid systems and mathematical order. I’ve also been influenced by Japanese architecture, which relies a great deal on unit systems(TypeRoom).” 

A to Z offers an exhaustive guide to Igarashi’s experiments with typography, featuring not only his celebrated print and physical works – many photographed specially for this publication – but also a first look, using never before seen archival work, at the plans, drawings and production drafts behind his iconic works(Volume). Igarashi spent a lot of time on studying the three-dimensional figures wherein all 26 letters, you can see Igarashi combined the letter and their dimensional structures to show people a different way of representing the letters and give the letters more geometric beauty. I love how Igarashi emphasized on the small details to make the letter presenting a three-dimensional view. Igarashi also utilized different colors to highlight the shadow or the edge of the three-dimensional parts. From A to Z has a very special feature that once you know one of the letters in this series with his style it is easy for people to identify the other ones in the collection. Even today, his design looks very contemporary and attractive which makes him a real pioneer in three-dimensional typography.



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