NoName Canada Mayonnaise

After spending countless hours online while being stuck inside due to the quarantine, I have come in contact with far more diverse design work than I would normally take in on a daily basis. While a lot of this still felt like visual noise to me, one piece of design work that I came across stood out among the crowd. Meet, NoName Canada and their genius food packaging. Going back to the aforementioned visual noise we tend to encounter on a day to day basis, many companies theorize that the best way to stand out is simply to yell louder than the competition. Whether that means adding an emphasis on flashy and trashy or utilizing very “out there” color schemes, more average thinking brands of today will gladly engage in this shouting match rather than taking the time to devise a unique attack plan. NoName Canada does the exact opposite. Every one of their products is just like this mayonnaise jar you see here. Nothing extra, it’s all you need to know. “Hey! This is mayonnaise!” I love how absolutely deadpan and in your face their approach to marketing is. It is at its core the very basis of any beginner level marketing and design course. “Yellow is the color to get people’s attention. Bold type stands out more than the skinny type.”  Other than these two key points, that are generally known by anyone who has ever been advertised toward, NoName also displays their genius through taking the same visual cues that the most popular, name brand versions of these products have taken years to develop. That blue lid? This isn’t Hellman’s, but from far away you are told exactly what NoName wants for you to hear and think about their product. This is mayonnaise, and it’s as much mayonnaise as any other mayonnaise has ever been. NoName’s approach to branding is truly fascinating.

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  • Gloria Jing 05/02/2020 on 7:55 PM

    Simple and to the point. I think it’s rather refreshing that this brand chooses to be succinct and deadpan, that it ends up standing out. Great observations!

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