A Free Mom, who’s here to cheer you on!


(Free Mom Card received from Miss Nancy outside of Talley)


Noah Weaver


I love the simplicity of the design of this business card. The card tells me all I need to know about what Miss Nancy is and does, even if I didn’t already know. Through the use of color, font, and text placement this business card, which Miss Nancy’s husband designed, conveys her “product”. Her “product” is care. She walks around campus, getting connected with students who need a local mom to reach out to and receive emotional help from. She wants to be someone that students can rely on; a mom for the students who don’t have one. She is normally seen around Talley with a smile and some homemade pound cake.

The first thing that catches my eyes is the big text stating “Free Mom.” This immediately gets across the idea of what her “business” does, she is a Free Mom. The script text that she uses is curvy and swirly. Curves and swirls are seen as feminine from a design sense. By using this feminine or mom-like font, I can interpret a feminine-context without even fully reading it.

The outer text with the white background borders the main text, and when the viewer’s eyes wander, they are led to new information, the businesswoman’s name, Nancy Nelson! Or they see the number of the businesswoman. Through context and mirroring visual placement, the user can interpret that the number is that of Miss Nancy.

Beneath the “free mom” are the words “Cheering you on!” This is Miss Nancy’s mission statement, she wants to cheer on, and assist any people who she can help.

Through the culmination of all of these elements, her pink and blue business cards are catching to the eye, and anyone who picked it up off the ground would be able to interpret its purpose and meaning.


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  • Sakshi Gupta 04/28/2020 on 5:02 PM

    Wow! I had no idea something like this exists!

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