Nordstrom Gift Card

For this wild design, I chose to do a Nordstrom gift card. When I saw this gift card in the store, I was instantly drawn to it because of how fun it looked. The card has a silver iridescent surface on the front side with the letters in the word, ‘Nordstrom’ scattered around and changing colors when seen from different angles. The letters are placed randomly on the card in different sizes and positions which gives an illusion of movement, and the silver in the background is reflective. That is why the card looks brighter under light and darker in dim lighting.

One fault I found in this design is that the word, ‘Nordstrom’ placed perfectly in the center of the card is hard to read, especially under light, because of the iridescent background. However, the fact that the card and the letters on it change colors when seen from different angles or in different lighting makes it very interesting and fun to play with. I do like the simplicity of the packaging which is plain white with the company name printed in silver at the bottom. It follows a theme and also helps bring attention to the card itself without being overwhelmingly bright or colorful. I think that if the packaging was any other color, it would’ve made the whole design look gaudy. The thing I don’t like about this design is that it doesn’t tell you anything about the brand. Even though Nordstrom is a well-known brand, I think gift cards should be reflective of their brand to be able to communicate better with the customers. Nevertheless, I think the design still looks classy and works for a luxury clothing brand like Nordstrom.


Discussion — One Response

  • Cassie Pinder 03/31/2020 on 8:58 PM

    I definitely agree that this gift card is eye catching for customers based on the reflective and colorful design. But I think that if people are in the store then they must know what the brand Nordstrom is so I do not necessarily think that the gift card needs to better represent the brand. I also wanted to mention the advertising ploy this card uses. Right above the gift card is a statement “Give the Card That Gives” and right below it is an explanation saying that this brand donates 1% of all gift card sales to nonprofits in the community. Not only are customers buying someone a gift card but they are supporting a great cause that directly affects their community. This additional ploy gives customers a reinforcement when deciding to buy this gift card.

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