Major League Hacking (MLH) Shirt

While attending hackathons (design sprint-like event where computer programmers collaborate and compete on creating software projects within a time limit, usually 24 hours), I was given this shirt which represented the company that creates all these hackathons. I love this shirt because of its elegant, yet simple, design and the way it shows and conveys the whole picture (also the comfort because it’s really soft). I automatically was in awe of this shirt and how they designed it the second I saw it. Firstly, the duck represents the mascot that MLH has which changes every year as it also represents rubber duck debugging where a programmer explains the whole code to the duck as they go through it, line-by-line. Moreover, the guidelines for creating this design are only to use four colors to make it appealing to everyone. Within this, the way of using red, white, black and yellow gives a really elegant design look and also makes it very ‘warm’ with the use of those specific shades of colors. Moreover, the added design on the side of the shirt also creates a more interesting look to this shirt. Also, the back of the shirt takes a logo of the sponsor who helped in the making of these shirts. This also gives an advertisement for the company as it gears some people to this sponsor due to them seeing it on this shirt. Overall, this shirt gives a very warm and appealing look with the colors chosen in order to grab the attention of people and make it more captivating.

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  • Steven Nohren 03/31/2020 on 11:05 PM

    This is a real fun shirt design! I would wear this and and I don’t know much about programming. It is pretty neat how strong a design can be with only four colors. I think what really elevates the overall design are the subtle shading and highlighting that emulate the shadng you would see in a lithographic print. I think its interesting that who ever designed this image represented a style of one medium (lithographs) to a different method of printing (screen printing).

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