Madrid Market Advertising

            For this wild design photo, I decided to pick this advertisement poster hanging from the ceiling at a food market place. This picture was taken in Madrid, Spain and it was really interesting to me to look at what they were advertising about and how they advertised it. Even though this was in Spain, it was advertised in English which, in a way, shows how they portray English as a superior language and how “New York” is well-known. This way, this advertisement shows how people buy these types of products as they are related to big names which make it easier to sell. As shown in the advertisement the state New York was done with a bigger font than the other words showing the importance of that state making it attracted to more people that come to this market. To emphasize even more, the advertisement also shows the empire state building behind the woman which gets people even more attracted to this poster as it adds to the popularity of this product. The use of lighting on the woman with a night sky and black shading of the building instead of it being in colors pertains to the overall product as it is trying to depict the party-type atmosphere when people enjoy these products. Finally, the placement of this advertisement (hanging from the ceiling) also gives more space to the ad and also lets more people look at it as they are shopping/eating within the market. This advertisement as a whole is really contrasting to the outside atmosphere of the market as well which makes it a great place to increase the sales of these types of products within the market as well.