Providence Building

During my summer in Rhode Island, I was able to explore the Providence area, where there were many interesting buildings in the downtown area. Because of the large amount of foot traffic, each building was unique and had quirky features. It was interesting to see modern, newly constructed buildings right next to very old, abandoned buildings scattered throughout the city. I chose this particular building to write about for wild design because of the different elements of juxtaposition going on. There is the idea of finished versus unfinished with open areas in the middle of the building above the crafted windows and patterns in the brick surrounding it. I can also see the idea of modern versus vintage, with the brick alongside the reddish metal pillars holding the building up, as well as the graffiti on the red brick wall. My favorite part about this design is easily the art on the wall, because of the way that it is confined to the frames created by the way the bricks are aligned, and how it is abstract and bright and busy compared to the dull brick. It really stands out and because it is an abstract form centered in rectangular frames, the viewer is all the more drawn to it. I noticed many people stopping and looking at the building, trying to find the meaning behind the pictures. I think that because of how the art is placed differently compared to graffiti you normally see on buildings in the city, more people think about the purpose behind it. It seems as though there is a story or a continuous idea running through the panels.